Citizenship is a very important step in a migrant’s life. Becoming an Australian Citizen means that one is making an ongoing committing to Australia, it’s people, values and community. Australian migrant history is 200 years old and Australia prouds itself as one of the most multicultural communities in this world. Australian citizenship allows one to vote and select their representative for the parliament. Privileges of becoming a citizen also include applying for Australian public services and defence force jobs; seek election to parliament; apply for Australian passport and receive help from Australian official while overseas.


There are alternate pathways to become a citizen. People born overseas to an Australian parent (as long as one of the parent is Australian citizen), can apply to become Australian citizen by descent. People who migrated to Australia can also apply for citizenship by conferral as long as they meet the citizenship criteria set by the department.


For people seeking to apply for citizenship by conferral, if an eligibility criterion is met, Australian law also requires a citizenship test to be passed before a citizenship application is approved. The citizenship test is a computer-based test designed to assess whether the applicant has an adequate knowledge of Australia and basic knowledge of English language.


On successful completion of the test and other character checks being completed, the application might be approved. If the applicant is successful, he/she is invited to attend citizenship ceremony (normally organised by their local council) where they pledge their loyalty to Australia and its people.

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